The Future

The field of nonablative resurfacing has expanded dramatically over the past 8 years. Studies are underway to elucidate the best treatment intervals, compare the above techniques, and expand the energy potential of the given devices. In addition, a new 900-nm laser in conjunction with RF shows promise.

Year Old Single Women Flashers
Fig. 5.8. 50-year-old woman with deepened nasolabial groove, pre (a) and 4 months post (b) a single full-face unipolar radiofrequency nonablative treatment

Fig. 5.9. 69-year-old woman with acne scarring, telangiectases, and wrinkles, pre (a) and 4 months post (b) PDL treatment

Year Old Acne
Fig. 5.11. 36-year-old woman with telangiectases and fine rhytides, pre (a) and 4 months post (b) IPL treatment

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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