Laser and light source heat-induced destruction of hair follicles is not pain free, as the hair follicle is well endowed with pain fibers arranged in a well-organized neovascular bundle. The intensity of pain varies with the delivered flu-ence, utilized wave length, pulse duration, spot size, repetition rate, laser interpulse spacing, and skin pigmentation. Regional body areas such as the lip and groin, and chronically sun-exposed and tanned areas, also have been associated with greater amounts of pain perception. In addition, with increasing pulse duration, heat diffusion is likely to raise the temperature around the follicle and increase the level of pain. Finally, pain can be perceived differently at different times of the month. During menstruation, the skin appears to be more sensitive to pain and laser hair removal can be more uncomfortable.

Beauty for Newbies

Beauty for Newbies

Do you feel like an ugly duckling sometimes? Doesn't it seem like everyone else seems to know the best ways to present themselves, from their hair, to their skin, to their makeup?

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