NdYAG Laser

We have found the nanosecond Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers to be highly effective in inducing

Switched Yag Laser TreatmentLaser Hair Removal After Three Sessions

Fig. 4.8. Nine months after three alexandrite hair removal sessions

Switched Alexandrite Laser
Fig. 4.9. Before alexandrite laser hair removal
Alexandrite Laser
Fig. 4.12. Before alexandrite laser hair removal

Fig. 4.13. Six months after three alexandrite hair removal sessions

Fig. 4.14. Nine months after three alexandrite hair removal sessions

temporary short-term hair removal. Skin cooling is not required when a nanosecond laser is used. This contrasts with the requisite need for some form of epidermal cooling with virtually all millisecond hair removal lasers.

When the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technique is utilized with a topical carbon suspension, there is often a greenish hue to the area being treated when visualized through goggles. This is presumably due to the interaction between the 1064-nm wavelength and the carbon chromophore. When the 1064-nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is used without topical carbon chromophore, dark terminal hairs often turn white on laser impact. Usually no post-

Lightening Hairs 1064 Switched

Fig. 4.17. Before diode laser hair removal hair removal

Fig. 4.17. Before diode laser hair removal

Fig. 4.18. Six months after five diode sessions hair removal

Fig. 4.19. Before Nd:YAG laser hair removal

treatment crusting is noted. Erythema may vary from nonexistent to significant in its extent. It is quite safe to treat individuals who have darker complexions with nanosecond Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

Millisecond Nd:YAG laser systems are the safest laser hair removal systems for Fitzpatrick skin types V-VI (Figs. 4.19,4.20). Although they can also be used for lighter skin types, we have not found the same degree of success when these lasers are compared to the shorter wavelength systems. Although postinflammatory pigmentary changes from this laser are rare, such changes can be occasionally expected in some individuals with dark complexions.

Fig. 4.20. Six months after five Nd:YAG laser hair removal sessions. Note not only decreased hair but also improvement in pseudofolliculitis barbae

Fig. 4.22. Six months after three IPL hair removal sessions

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