Intense Pulsed Light IPL Sources

Melanin pigmentation, as part of photo aging, can be epidermal or dermal. It is often a combination of both. In early solar damage, melasma is a regular constituent; often with both dermal and epidermal pigment deposition. In later stages of solar degeneration the solar lentigo, which is mainly located in the epidermis, is a prominent feature. Recently, intense pulsed light sources (IPL) have shown to be highly effective in the treatment of photodamaged pigmented lesions like solar lentigines, and generalized dyschromia (Fig. 3.9). Unfortunately, light spectra, pulse duration, and number of pulses as well as delivered fluence and the use of skin cooling vary considerably among the published investigations, making direct comparisons of IPL devices quite difficult.

Intense Pulsed Light Laser
Fig. 3.9. Actinic bronzing. Sloughing of pigment 2 days after treatment. Complete clearance 1 month after treatment

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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