Diode Laser

We have found the 810-nm diode lasers very useful in treating Fitzpatrick I-IV skin pheno-types (Figs. 4.15-4.18). The laser should always be used with a cooling device. When used with the longer emitted 30-ms pulse durations, some darker Fitzpatrick skin phenotypes can be treated with a lessening of postinflammatory pigmentary changes. Diode systems are small, portable and very user-friendly.

Fig. 4.3. Six months after five alexandrite hair removal sessions
Contraindication Hair Removal
Fig. 4.5. Six months after five alexandrite hair removal sessions

As a general rule, somewhat lower fluences are required for effective hair removal than are required with the ruby lasers. This may be related to the deeper penetration of the 800-nm wavelength.

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