Laser hair removal-associated epidermal cooling can be achieved by various means, including ice, a cooled gel layer, a cooled glass chamber, a cooled sapphire or copper window, a pulsed cryogen spray, or solid air flow.

Epidermal melanin and melanized hairs present competing sites for absorption of light energy. Selective cooling is essential to effectively minimize photothermal-induced epidermal adverse effects. In addition, epidermal cooling also permits higher fluences to be delivered to the treated follicular structures. Ideally, the epidermal temperature should be significantly but harmlessly decreased by the cooling procedure, while the target follicular temperature should remain unchanged or changed insignificantly. If this condition is not met, the laser fluences must be increased to compensate for the lower target temperature.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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