Alexandrite Laser

Most individuals are no longer using ruby lasers. However, the same general approach to alexandrite laser treatments would apply if the ruby laser was used for hair removal in lighter skin types. We have found the alexandrite lasers to be very helpful in treating Fitzpatrick I-III skin phenotypes (Figs. 4.2-4.14). Although it has been suggested that alexandrite lasers, with their longer 755-nm wavelength, are safer in treating darker complexions than are ruby lasers, we have not consistently found this to be the case. It would appear that the ability to treat darker complexions with alexandrite lasers may be more related to the longer pulse durations emitted by some of these systems. It should be noted that unless appropriate cooling is utilized, some Fitzpatrick skin phenotype III and even sun-tanned type II complexioned individuals tend to have postinflammatory pigmentary changes after laser treatment.

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