V-Y quadriceplasty, 39 Vacuum environments, 71-72 Valgus angle/alignment of femoral component, 1,

4-13, 45 femur cuts for, 33 for ideal outcome, 25 Valgus deformity effects on femoral condyles,

8, 10-13 femoral cuts with, 8 implant selection in, 42-43 lateral release for, 41-54 bone cuts in, 43-45 bone grafting in, 53 complications of, 50-52 follow-up studies on, 52-54

illustrated, 48f, 49f outcomes of, 52-54 peroneal nerve palsy after,

50-51, 54, 67, 147t "piecrust" type of, 46, 48,

postoperative management of, 49-50 soft tissue in, 45-49 surgeon's sequential preferences in, 47t and patellar tracking, 42 pathophysiology of, 41, 54 PCL resection for, 95 posterior condylar angle in,

44-45 prevalence of, 41 sequential correction of, 1, 5, 47t

Vancomycin, 150 Varus deformity complications of correction, 36-39

effects on femoral condyles,

8, 10-13 femoral cuts with, 8 illustrated, 26f ligament release indications for, 3, 95 medial release for, 25-39 complications of, 36-39 intraoperative assessment of, 33-35 outcomes of, 36-39 preoperative planning in, 25

techniques for, 25-35 prevalence of, 41 Vascular supply, 30f, 67-68,

Vastus medialis muscle illustrated, 28f subvastus approach, 90, 159

Viscosity of cement, 71-72 Vision, 88

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