Hinge Prostheses for Revision

The largest and most recent series for revision TKA using constrained prosthesis, to date, is reported by Lombardi.20 using the Hospital for Special Surgery rating system, they studied 113 rotating hinge revision TKAs. The mean follow-up was 6 years. Eighteen knees (16%) were rated excellent, 58 knees (51%) were rated good, 26 knees (23%) were rated fair, and 11 knees (10%) were rated poor.

Rand and associates7 reported the results of 23 kinematic rotating hinge total knee arthroplasties used for revision at the Mayo Clinic. Using the Hospital for Special Surgery scoring system, at a mean of 50 months, of the revision knees 9 (39%) were rated excellent, 7 (30%) good, 3 (13%) fair, 2 (9%) poor, and 2 were unavailable for follow-up.

Shaw and colleagues11 reported the results of revision using the kinematic rotating hinge prosthesis using the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School knee rating system. Mean follow-up was 50 months; 22% had excellent results, 40% had good results, 13% had fair results, and more than 10% had poor results. Shindell and associates reported on 18 Noiles hinged prostheses of which 4 were revisions.6 All 4 revisions failed at a mean of 31 months. Femoral component subsidence occurred in 17 of 18 knees.

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