Fl Defects Figure

The preoperative radiographs of the Type 1 femur demonstrate a correctly aligned component with no evidence of femoral osteoly-sis. They also show no significant component migration, and a normal joint line level is indicated by patellar height and epi-condyle to implant distance. On an anteroposterior radiograph, the quality of bone appears to be strong enough in the metaphyseal segment of the femur to support a component without a stem. The dimensions of the posterior femoral condyles are full, allowing substitution of an implant of the same size with normal condylar dimensions. An augmented component or a modular wedge is not needed to restore joint line level. Minor surface irregularities from cement plugs are managed with particulate bone graft or cement. Table 9.1 summarizes the features and treatment modalities of an F1 defect.

The postoperative radiographs of a Type 1 femur show a relatively normal joint line level with the patella about 1 cm proximal

Knee Arthroplasty Lines
Figure 9.2. F1 Defect.

to the tibial plateau. The femoral condyles appear full on the anteroposterior radiograph; the posterior condylar offset created by preserving the posterior condylar bone is evident on the lateral radiograph. The proximal tip of the component's posterior condyle should match the proximal end of the patient's posterior femoral condyle.

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