Bone Cuts

Bone resorption and connective tissue formation occur when bone is surgically traumatized and heated to above 47°C for longer than one minute.57 To control thermal injury, the sawblade is cooled by constant irrigation when making bone cuts. Without irrigation, any sawing or drilling can quickly raise the temperature of the bone to 170°C. All bone cuts should be made with a new sawblade coupled with a precisely toleranced saw capture. Sharp sawblades will decrease both operating time as well as trauma to the bone.

To ensure that a near perfect flat surface has been created, the saw capture is removed and all bone cuts sighted (in two planes) against the cutting blocks. Acentral high spot near the intercondylar notch of the femur may persist and will require additional planing. The high spot must be eliminated to keep the femoral component from becoming "high centered" when it is implanted. The high spot is eliminated by making a few extra passes with the sawblade using a slight upward spring of the blade against the bone. The flatness can also be checked using an auxiliary cutting block.

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