Balancing of knee joints alignment concepts in, 7-13,

25, 86-88 with flexion contracture. See

Flexion contracture and posterior cruciate ligament, 88 soft tissue's role in, 28-31 See also Extension gap; Flexion gap Barium-infused cements, 70 Biceps femoris release, 48 Biomet prosthesis, 171t Bleeding, 145, 147t Blocks. See under

Instrumentation/ appliances Blood vessels/circulation compromised vascular supply, 160 inferomedial geniculate artery, 30f injury to, 67-68

Bone augmentation. See

Augmentation; Bone grafting Bone chips/slurry, 81-82, 83f,

84f, 95-96, 172 Bone cuts. See

Cutting/resection, bone Bone deficits/defects, 116132

augmentation/grafting for.

See Bone grafting classification of AORI system of. See Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI) bone defect classification system defect types in, 119-132, 122t history of, 116-117 learning curve for, 132 prerequisites for, 117-118 radiography for, 118-119. See also under specific defects femoral F1 defects, 120-121, 122t, 132

F2 defects, 121-125, 122t, 132

F3 defects, 122t, 125-127, 126t, 132 patellar, 120

in reimplantation, 151-152 in revision TKA. See Revision total knee arthroplasty simple approach to, 108t tibial, 26f T1 defects, 122t, 127, 128f, 132

T2 defects, 122t, 127-130,

129f, 132 T3 defects, 122t, 130-132

Bone grafting autografts, 81-82, 83f, 84f, 95-96

followup studies on, 82 for fractures. See Fractures intercalary grafts, 172 preoperative anticipation of, 27

radiographic visibility of,

124-125, 131 in revision TKA. See Revision total knee arthroplasty See also Allografts; Bone chips/slurry; Bone deficits/defects Bone loss augmentation for. See Augmentation; Bone deficits/defects; Bone grafting bone death at cement interface, 73 causes of, 179 from component removal,

177, 179 illustrated, 26f and revision TKA. See Revision total knee arthroplasty See also specific bones Bone penetration of cement,

72-73 Bones/bone tissue anterior superior iliac spine, 18

cortical and cancellous, 81 death at interface area, 73 labelling of, 82-83 See also Femur; Patella; Tibia

Braces/bracing, 155-156, 161,

167, 187 Bunnell suture weave, 161

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