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The elderly are often undertreated in regard to blood glucose monitoring. Avoidance of hypoglycemia is of particular importance in this population. Moreover, labile blood glucose patterns and a tendency to hypoglycemia are a feature of many elderly patients as they become insulin-dependent. Thus, age should not be a limiting factor when considering fingerstick usage and frequency. Patient, personalized education is often required. Also, special attention should be paid to the patient's manual dexterity, vision, and potential memory deficits. Simplicity of use and need for only a small blood drop are particularly useful meter features for older patients.

Children often do best with equipment that hides the lancet, minimizes discomfort, and requires a small sample size. Meters with quick results are especially helpful to parents. Also, memory recall is a useful meter feature for children who report blood glucose results that are not consistent with their HbA,c value.

Major obstacles for the visually impaired (including fluctuating and low vision) are obtaining an adequate blood sample and correct placement on the test

Hypoglycemia Elderly

LXN Corporation (888-596-8378)

Glucoprotein 25

Medisense (Abbott) (800-527-3339)

ExacTech RSG 10-50 40-450 30

Precision Extra 3.5 20-600 20

Precision QID 3.5 20-600 20

Sof-Tact IQ 3 15

Roche Diagnostics (800-858-8072)

Accu-Chek Advan- 9 10-600 40

tage 4

Accu-Chek Complete 9 10-600 40 4



Freestyle 0.3 20-500 15

Visual-read test strips

Bayer Corporation (800-348-8100)

Glucostix Reagent Strips Roche Diagnostics (800-858-8072) Chemstrip BG

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Duet Glucose Whole blood

In Charge Glucose


200 glucose,

50 glucoprotein 200 glucose, 50 glucoprotein

Measures fructosamine (glucoprotein) as well Measures fructosamine (glucoprotein) as well

ExacTech RSG Whole Blood

Precision Extra Precision QID

Plasma Plasma


450 (date/time) 10 meter, 125 software fi) 3

Advantage Comfort Curve Advantage Comfort Curve



Plasma or


100 (date/time)


whole blood

250 (date/time)

Advantage top-load, Comfort Curve capillary-action strips; large, easy-to-read display More complete data management

Capillary-action strip; alternative site options

CO (fi strip. Talking meters are available. State associations for the visually impaired are excellent resources for training and product information.

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