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[Children wiih diabetes] self-blood glucose monitoring in, 133

meter selection in, 37 sick-day rules in, 136-137 Cholesterol guidel ines i n diabetes, 2, 16-17 Combination insulin and oral hypoglycemic pills, 217-218 bedtime insulin in type 2 diabetes, protocol for, 123 BIDS, bedtime insulin, daytime sulfonylurea, 118-119 treatment with, 120-123 weight gain with, 116-1 17 Concerns over insulin use, 116-117 hypoglycemia, 116 cardiovascular disease, 116 weight gain, 116 CS1I (see Insulin pump)

Dawn phenomenon, 90, 213-214 DCCT study (see Diabetes control and complications trial) DECODE study, 9 Detemir insulin, 82 Diabetes education, 21-45 factors that affect insulin absorption,

33, 75, 95 injection aids, 33-34 for injection anxiety, 117, 247 injection difficulties, 31-33, 117 injection technique, 29-30 insulin absorption, 33, 75, 95 insulin pens, 25-28 insulin storage, 28-29 for insulin therapy, 23-24, 95. 117 mixing insulins, 30-31 micro precipitation changing absorption from, 30, 79 painful injections, 31 rotating sites. 32-33 self-blood glucose monitoring, 34-43 meter accuracy and troubleshooting, 42-43 record keeping, 41 -42 technique for, 41 sick-day rules, 43-44

[Diabetes education] survival skills, 22 syringes, 24-25

reuse and disposal, 25 urine ketone testing, 44 Diabetes control and complications trial (DCCT) in type I diabetes, 2-3, 92-94, 195-196 incidence of hypoglycemia in, 195-196 Diabetes Epidemiology: Collaborative Analysis of Diagnostic Criteria in Europe (DECODE), 9 Diabetic ketoacidosis, 173-192 clinical features of, 177-179 diagnosis and iniiia) evaluation of,

179-182 differential diagnosis versus nonketotic hyperosmolar syndrome, 183

general management of, 188-190 with insulin pump use, 233 incidence and mortality of, 174 ketone measuremeni in, 181-182 pathogenesis of, 175-177 protocol for treaiment of, 190-191 ireatmem of, 183-190 bicarbonate, 187-188 general management, 188-190 hydration, 183-185 insulin, 185-186 phosphorus, 188 potassium, 186-187 protocol for, 190-191 Diabetes Mellitus Insulin Glucose

Infusion in Acute Myocardial Infarction study (see DIGAMJ study)

Diagnosis of diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glucose, 14-15 Diet therapy of diabetes, 47-59 ADA recommendations for, 48-49 carbohydrate counting, 56-57, 216 in children, 134 exchange lists, 56 gastroparesis and, 216

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