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Other species


Leptacris monteiroi

Heteracris attentuatus Heteracris pulchripes

Abisares viridipennis

Gastrimargus africanus Pycnodactyla flavipes

Catantops spissus Catantops fasciatus

Morphacris fasciata

Acrotylus nr patruelis

Acrida sulphuripennis Acrida acuminata Acrida bicolor Acrida turrita Clonia wahlbergi

(Family: Tettigoniidae)

Euproacris cylindicollis Maura bolivari Cardeniopsis pauperatus Tmetonata abrupta Microcentrum rhombifolium

Family: Acrididae

Acanthoxia gladiator Afroxyrrhepes acuticerus Afroxyrrhepes procera Homoxyrrhepes punctipennis Cyrtacanthacris tatarica Cyrtacanthacris aeruginosa Ornithacris magnifica Ornithacris cyanea Acanthacris ruficornis Nomadacris septemfasciata

Cymatomera denticollis

Nkhululu Kalijosolo


Nkhululu Kalijosolo



Family: Tettigoniidae

Family: Gryllidae

Brachytrypes membranaceus

Gryllus bimaculatus Gryllus campestris

Family: Gryllotalpidae

Gryllotalpa africanus

Family: Stenopelmatidae

Henicus sp.

Although the taxon chitete is often used as a generic or intermediate category to cover grasshoppers generally, essentially it refers to the smaller grasshoppers, especially those considered edible. The larger grasshoppers and locusts are described as chiwala (ku-wala, to shine, on account of their colourful hind wings) or dzombe. Many species belonging to the order that have salience have their own generics, while crickets tend not to be identified as chitete. The four species of crickets also have their own generic terms. Grasshoppers that are not considered edible, such as chansatsi (Abisares viridipennis) may also be described as gontham'kutu ('to deafen ears'). Given its carnivorous habits, Clonia wahlbergi is sometimes described asfisi ('witch').

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