Newnomenclature For The Class Ii Antigens

Because more advanced molecular biology techniques have identified additional variants or subgroups within a single allele, a standardized nomenclature was proposed by the World Health Organization Nomenclature Committee for the HLA system. All genes in the class II region are designated by the letter D. This is followed by the designation for a sublocus (e.g., P, Q or R). The letter^ or B denotes an a or B chain location. For example, DRB1 denotes a gene that encodes a product expressed on the B chain of the DR1 molecule. Using a four-digit system, different alleles are numbered. The first two digits describe the closest associated serological specificity (e.g., DRB 1*03). The last two digits denote subgroups within a known serological specificity, such as DRB 1 *0301 (She, 1996).

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