Ventral Descending Pathway

In this tract, Hcrt axons go through the interpeduncular nucleus, the ventral tegmental area, and the substantia nigra pars compacta. In the pons and medulla, Hcrt fibers are distributed through the raphe nuclei and the reticular formation in the pontis oralis, caudal and ventral, the ventral and k gigantocellular reticular nuclei, and the ventral medullary area. The Hcrt innervation of the raphe magnus, the lateral paragigantocellular nucleus, and the ventral sub-coeruleus area where the A5 noradrenergic cell group is located is particularly strong. On the other hand, Hcrt efferents avoid the red nucleus, the pontine nucleus, and the facial motor nucleus, as well as auditory structures such as the trapezoid body and the superior and inferior olive nuclei.

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