Distribution of Hcrt and MCH Receptors in the LHA

Initial reports on the expression patterns of Hcrt receptors reported no HcrtR1 mRNA in LHA, and only little HcrtR2 mRNA.78 A subsequent detailed study79 found a similar relationship, albeit these investigators, using highly sensitive technique, detected higher mRNA levels overall, suggesting some degree of HcrtR1 expression also in the LHA. When receptor-specific antisera became available, Hcrt1R-ir neurons were described in the perifornical region, and intense perikaryal staining was also found in the zona incerta.80 Double-staining confirmed that HcrtR1-LI coexists with both Hcrt- and MCH-LI in the LHA.81 The transmitter identity of HcrtR2-expressing neurons has not yet been reported. The two cloned MCH receptors are also expressed in the LHA. In the primate, MCHR2 appears to predominate,82 but some expression is seen also of MCHR1 (also known as SLC-1), at least in the rat.8384 Again, the neurochemical phenotype of LHA MCHR-expressing cells remains to be described.

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