Salttolerant plants

Salt-tolerant plants (Table 2) can also be used to produce economically important materials such as essentials oils, flavours, fragrances, gums, resins, oils, pharmaceuticals, and fibres. They may also be marketed for use in landscape gardening and for their foliage or flowers. In India, peppermint oil and menthol have been produced in saline environments. The salt-tolerant kewda, a common species of screw pine, is used to produce perfume and flavouring ingredients (Singh 2005).

Grindelia camporum, a salt tolerant resinous shrub which produces aromatic resin, is used commercially in adhesives, varnish, printing inks, soaps, and industrial applications. In Egypt salt tolerant rushes have a potential use in paper making. Quinoa is one of the few plants which

Table 1 Leaf protein composition


Per 100 g dry matter

True protein

50-60 g


10-25 g

Beta carotene

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