Unique Text Features Promote Active Learning

Each chapter has a consistent organization to help students learn the concepts explained in the text and illustrated in the figures. The numerous pedagogical features can aid students in their quest to master new terminology, learn new concepts, analyze and understand physiological principles, and finally apply this knowledge in practical ways. The chapter organization, and the learning devices built into each chapter, facilitates this growth by providing mechanisms for active learning of the chapter contents. Because mastery of the content of a human physiology course requires such active learning, students are advised to make use of the learning aids in each chapter.

Chapter Openers Set the Stage

Chapter Objectives

Students can look over the objectives before reading the chapter to get a feeling for the material covered, and check off the objectives as each major section is completed.

Chapter at a Glance

Students can use the chapter outline to get an overview of the chapter, or to find specific topics

Chapter Openers Set the Stage

Human Physiology

Refresh Your Memory

This boxed information at the beginning of each chapter alerts students to material from previous chapters that they may need to review as they begin a new chapter.

Take Advantage of the Technology

Also located in the opening spread of each chapter, these short sections acquaint students with the resources available at the Online Learning Center www.mhhe.com/fox8

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Essentials of Human Physiology

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