Transport Process Affecting Renal Clearance

Reneal clearance refers to the ability of the kidneys to remove molecules from the blood plasma by excreting them in the urine. Molecules and ions dissolved in the plasma can be filtered through the glomerular capillaries and enter the glomerular capsules. Then, those that are not reabsorbed will be eliminated in the urine; they will be "cleared" from the blood.

The process of filtration, a type of bulk transport through capillaries, promotes renal clearance. The process of reabsorption—involving membrane transport by means of carrier proteins—moves particular molecules and ions from the filtrate into the blood, and thus reduces the renal clearance of these molecules from the blood.

There is another process that affects renal clearance, a membrane transport process called secretion (fig. 17.21). In terms of its direction of transport, secretion is the opposite of reabsorption—secreted molecules and ions move out of the per-itubular capillaries into the interstitial fluid, and then are transported across the basolateral membrane of the tubular epithelial

Secretion a _

Secretion a _

Steps For Kidney Clearance

■ Figure 17.21 Secretion is the reverse of reabsorption. The term secretion refers to the active transport of substances from the peritubular capillaries into the tubular fluid. This transport is opposite in direction to that which occurs in reabsorption.

cells and into the lumen of the nephron tubule. Molecules that are both filtered and secreted are thus eliminated in the urine more rapidly (are cleared from the blood more rapidly) than molecules that are not secreted. In summary, the process of reabsorption decreases renal clearance, while the process of secretion increases renal clearance.

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