The Loading and Unloading Reactions

Deoxyhemoglobin and oxygen combine to form oxyhemoglo-bin; this is called the loading reaction. Oxyhemoglobin, in turn, dissociates to yield deoxyhemoglobin and free oxygen molecules; this is the unloading reaction. The loading reaction occurs in the lungs and the unloading reaction occurs in the systemic capillaries.

Loading and unloading can thus be shown as a reversible reaction:


Deoxyhemoglobin + O2 < z>: Oxyhemoglobin (tissues)

The extent to which the reaction will go in each direction depends on two factors: (1) the PO2 of the environment and (2) the affinity, or bond strength, between hemoglobin and oxygen. High PO2 drives the equation to the right (favors the loading reaction); at the high PO2 of the pulmonary capillaries, almost all

506 Chapter Sixteen

Table 16.7 Relationship Between Percent Oxyhemoglobin Saturation and Po2 (at pH of 7.40 and Temperature of 37° C)

PO2 (mmHg) 100 80 61 45 40 36 30 26 23



Percent Oxyhemoglobin 97 95 90 80 75 70 60 50 40



Arterial Blood Venous Blood

Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve
Po2 (mmHg)

■ Figure 16.34 The oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve. The percentage of oxyhemoglobin saturation and the blood oxygen content are shown at different values of PO2. Notice that the percent oxyhemoglobin decreases by about 25% as the blood passes through the tissue from arteries to veins, resulting in the unloading of approximately 5 ml of O2 per 100 ml of blood to the tissues.

the deoxyhemoglobin molecules combine with oxygen. Low PO2 in the systemic capillaries drives the reaction in the opposite direction to promote unloading. The extent of this unloading depends on how low the PO2 values are.

The affinity between hemoglobin and oxygen also influences the loading and unloading reactions. A very strong bond would favor loading but inhibit unloading; a weak bond would hinder loading but improve unloading. The bond strength between hemoglobin and oxygen is normally strong enough so that 97% of the hemoglobin leaving the lungs is in the form of oxyhemoglo-bin, yet the bond is sufficiently weak so that adequate amounts of oxygen are unloaded to sustain aerobic respiration in the tissues.

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