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contraction strength of a muscle is maximal at a particular muscle length.

5. Explain why muscle tone is first decreased and then increased when descending motor tracts are damaged. How is muscle tone maintained?

6. Explain the role of ATP in muscle contraction and muscle relaxation.

7. Why are all the muscle fibers of a given motor unit of the same type? Why are smaller motor units and slow-twitch muscle fibers used more frequently than larger motor units and fast-twitch fibers?

Your friend eats huge helpings of pasta 3. for two days prior to a marathon, claiming such "carbo loading" is of benefit in the race. Is he right? What are some other things he can do to improve his performance? Compare muscular dystrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 4. terms of their causes and their effects on muscles.

Why is it important to have a large amount of stored high-energy phosphates in the form of creatine phosphate for the function of muscles during exercise? What might happen to a muscle in your body if it ever ran out of ATP?

How is electrical excitation of a skeletal muscle fiber coupled to muscle contraction? Speculate on why

What changes occur in muscle metabolism as the intensity of exercise is increased? Describe the changes that occur as a result of endurance training and explain how these changes raise the level of exercise that can be performed before the onset of muscle fatigue.

Compare the mechanism of excitation-coupling in striated muscle with that in smooth muscle.

Compare cardiac muscle, single-unit smooth muscle, and multiunit smooth muscle with respect to the regulation of their contraction.

the exact mechanism of this coupling has been difficult to determine. How would a rise in the extracellular Ca2+ concentration affect the beating of a heart? Explain the mechanisms involved. Lowering the blood Ca2+ concentration can cause muscle spasms. What might be responsible for this effect?

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    How does a rise extracellular ca affect the heart?
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