Test Yourself Before You Continue

1. Using a flow diagram, show the negative feedback control that the gonads exert on GnRH and gonadotropin secretion. Explain the effects of castration on FSH and LH secretion and the effects of removal of the pituitary on the structure of the gonads and accessory sex organs.

2. Explain the significance of the pulsatile secretion of GnRH and the gonadotropic hormones.

3. Describe the two mechanisms that have been proposed to explain the rise in sex steroid secretion that occurs at puberty. Explain the possible effects of body fat and intense exercise on the timing of puberty.

4. Describe the effect of light on the pineal secretion of melatonin and discuss the possible role of melatonin in reproduction.

5. Compare the phases of the sexual response in males and females.

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