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Summary 320 Review Activities 321 Related Websites 323

Summary 320 Review Activities 321 Related Websites 323

Summary Digestive Physiology

Clinical Investigation

Rosemary, a 32-year-old office worker, discovers after taking a physical that she has hypertension and hyperglycemia. She returns to take an oral glucose tolerance test, which is found to be normal. Blood tests reveal normal blood levels of T4 and T3, but more extensive tests show that her blood cortisol levels are abnormally high. Rosemary has a generalized "puffiness," but not myxedema. Upon questioning, she states that she does not have a history of chronic inflammation and has not been taking immunosuppressive drugs.

A later assay of her blood ACTH levels reveals that they are only about one-fiftieth of normal. What might account for Rosemary's symptoms?

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