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Clinical Investigation

Gary, an active 8-year-old, was playing by crawling through the underbrush in the surrounding hills while his parents were picnick-ing.When he returned to them he was covered in dirt and had a bloody thumb, which he said had been cut by an unseen bit of barbed wire that had been left on the ground.They bandaged the thumb, but, while he was eating a sandwich a wasp stung him on his injured hand! It was his first bee sting, and this event provided a tearful conclusion to the family's outing.The next day, the pain of the cut and bee sting subsided, but Gary developed a rash on his abdomen.

The family physician prescribed a cortisone cream for Gary's rash and said that antihistamines wouldn't help the rash.The doctor told Gary's mom not to worry about the cut, because the boy had fortunately been given a tetanus vaccine only 6 months earlier. However, Gary was stung by a bee 2 months later, and this time developed a severe swelling.The doctor prescribed antihistamine treatment for this, which did resolve the swelling.

How can you explain Gary's symptoms and medical treatment?

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