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Human Physiology

1. locate the major brain regions and describe the structures within each of these regions.

2. describe the organization of the cerebrum and the primary roles of its lobes.

3. describe the location and functions of the sensory cortex and motor cortex.

4. explain the lateralization of functions in the right and left cerebral hemispheres.

5. describe the structures involved in the control of speech and explain their interrelationships.

6. describe the different types of aphasias that result from damage to specific regions of the brain.

describe the structures included in the limbic system and discuss the possible role of this system in emotion.

8. distinguish between different types of memory and describe the roles of different brain regions in memory.

9. describe the location of the thalamus and explain the significance of this region.

10. describe the location of the hypothalamus and explain the significance of this region.

11. describe the structures located in the midbrain and hindbrain,and explain the role of the medulla oblongata in the control of visceral functions.

12. explain how the spinal cord is organized and how ascending and descending tracts are named.

13. describe the origin and pathways of the pyramidal motor tracts and explain the significance of these descending tracts.

14. explain the role of the basal nuclei and cerebellum in motor control via the extrapyramidal system and describe the pathways of this system.

15. describe the structures and pathways involved in a reflex arc.

Placental Physiology

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Eighth Edition System Companies, 2003

Ascending Tracts

Structural Organization of the Brain 190

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