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the ambient temperature. Devise an experiment using lizards to test whether an elevated body temperature, as in a fever, can be beneficial to an organism with an infection. Why are antibodies composed of different chains, and why are there several genes that encode the parts of a particular antibody molecule? What would happen if each antibody were coded for by only one gene?

18. Which of these statements about gamma interferon is false?

a. It is a polypeptide autocrine regulator.

b. It can be produced in response to viral infections.

c. It stimulates the immune system to attack infected cells and tumors.

d. It is produced by almost all cells in the body.

9. Describe the nature of passive immunity and explain how antitoxins are produced and used.

10. Distinguish between immediate and delayed hypersensitivity. What drugs are used to treat immediate hypersensitivity and how do these drugs work? Why don't these compounds work in treating delayed hypersensitivity?

4. As a scientist trying to cure allergy, you are elated to discover a drug that destroys all mast cells. How might this drug help to prevent allergy? What negative side effects might this drug have?

5. The part of the placenta that invades the mother's uterine lining (the endometrium) has recently been found to produce FAS ligand. What might this accomplish, and why might this action be necessary?

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