Metabolism of Lipids and Proteins

Triglycerides can be hydrolyzed into glycerol and fatty acids. The latter are of particular importance because they can be converted into numerous molecules of acetyl CoA that can enter Krebs cycles and generate a large amount of ATP Amino acids derived from proteins also may be used for energy. This involves deamination (removal of the amine group) and the conversion of the remaining molecule into either pyruvic acid or one of the Krebs cycle molecules.

Oxaloacetic acid 4

Citric acid

Krebs cycle

Cc a-Ketoglutaric acid

■ Figure 5.11 The conversion of glucose into glycogen and fat. This occurs as a result of inhibition of respiratory enzymes when the cell has adequate amounts of ATP. Favored pathways are indicated by blue arrows.

Energy can be derived by the cellular respiration of lipids and proteins using the same aerobic pathway previously described for the metabolism of pyruvic acid. Indeed, some organs preferentially use molecules other than glucose as an energy source. Pyruvic acid and the Krebs cycle acids also serve as common intermediates in the interconversion of glucose, lipids, and amino acids.

When food energy is taken into the body faster than it is consumed, the concentration of ATP within body cells rises. Cells, however, do not store extra energy in the form of extra ATP. When cellular ATP concentrations rise because more energy (from food) is available than can be immediately used, ATP production is inhibited and glucose is instead converted into glycogen and fat (fig. 5.11).

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