■ Figure 3.13 The Golgi complex. (a) An electron micrograph of a Golgi complex. Notice the formation of vesicles at the ends of some of the flattened sacs. (b) An illustration of the processing of proteins by the granular endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi complex.

Cell Structure and Genetic Control

Test Yourself Before You Continue

1. Explain why microtubules and microfilaments can be thought of as the skeleton and musculature of a cell.

2. Describe the functions of lysosomes and peroxisomes.

3. Describe the structure and functions of mitochondria.

4. Explain how mitochondria can provide a genetic inheritance derived only from the mother.

5. Describe the structure and function of ribosomes.

6. Distinguish between a granular and agranular endoplasmic reticulum in terms of their structure and function.

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