Extrinsic Regulation of Blood Flow

The term extrinsic regulation refers to control by the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. Angiotensin II, for example, directly stimulates vascular smooth muscle to produce generalized vasoconstriction. Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) also has a vasoconstrictor effect at high concentrations; this is why it is also called vasopressin. This vasopressor effect of ADH is not believed to be significant under physiological conditions in humans.

Regulation by Sympathetic Nerves

Stimulation of the sympathoadrenal system produces an increase in the cardiac output (as previously discussed) and an increase in total peripheral resistance. The latter effect is due to alpha-adrenergic stimulation (chapter 9; see fig. 9.10) of vascular smooth muscle by norepinephrine and, to a lesser degree, by epinephrine. This produces vasoconstriction of the arterioles in the viscera and skin.

Even when a person is calm, the sympathoadrenal system is active to a certain degree and helps set the "tone" of vascular smooth muscles. In this case, adrenergic sympathetic fibers (those that release norepinephrine) activate alpha-adrenergic receptors to cause a basal level of vasoconstriction throughout the

Cardiac Output, Blood Flow, and Blood Pressure 421

Cardiac Output, Blood Flow, and Blood Pressure 421

Renal Circulation

■ Figure 14.16 A diagram of the systemic and pulmonary circulations. Notice that with few exceptions (such as blood flow in the renal circulation) the flow of arterial blood is in parallel rather than in series (arterial blood does not usually flow from one organ to another).

body. During the fight-or-flight reaction, an increase in the activity of adrenergic fibers produces vasoconstriction in the digestive tract, kidneys, and skin.

Arterioles in skeletal muscles receive cholinergic sympathetic fibers, which release acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter. During the fight-or-flight reaction, the activity of these choliner-gic fibers increases. This causes vasodilation. Vasodilation in skeletal muscles is also produced by epinephrine secreted by the adrenal medulla, which stimulates beta-adrenergic receptors. During the fight-or-flight reaction, therefore, blood flow is decreased to the viscera and skin because of the alpha-adrenergic effects of vasoconstriction in these organs, whereas blood flow to the skeletal muscles is increased. This diversion of blood flow to the skeletal muscles during emergency conditions may give these muscles an "extra edge" in responding to the emergency. Once exercise begins, however, the blood flow to skeletal muscles increases far more due to other mechanisms (described shortly under Intrinsic Regulation of Blood Flow).

Parasympathetic Control of Blood Flow

Parasympathetic endings in arterioles are always cholinergic and always promote vasodilation. Parasympathetic innervation of blood vessels, however, is limited to the digestive tract, external genitalia, and salivary glands. Because of this limited distribu tion, the parasympathetic system is less important than the sympathetic system in the control of total peripheral resistance.

The extrinsic control of blood flow is summarized in table 14.4.

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