Endocrine System

• Hormones that bind to receptors in the plasma membrane of their target cells activate enzymes in the target cell cytoplasm (p. 294)

• Hormones that bind to nuclear receptors in their target cells alter the target cell metabolism by regulating gene expression (p. 292)

• Hormonal secretions from adipose cells regulate hunger and metabolism . .(p. 606)

• Anabolism and catabolism are regulated by a number of hormones (p. 609)

• Insulin stimulates the synthesis of glycogen and fat (p. 611)

• The adrenal hormones stimulate the breakdown of glycogen, fat, and protein (p. 619)

• Thyroxine stimulates the production of a protein that uncouples oxidative phosphorylation. This helps to increase the body's metabolic rate (p. 620)

• Growth hormone stimulates protein synthesis (p. 621)

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