Digestion and Absorption in the Stomach

Proteins are only partially digested in the stomach by the action of pepsin, while carbohydrates and fats are not digested at all by pepsin. (Digestion of starch begins in the mouth with the action of salivary amylase and continues for a time when the food enters the stomach, but amylase soon becomes inactivated by the strong acidity of gastric juice.) The complete digestion of food molecules occurs later, when chyme enters the small intestine.

Therefore, people who have had partial gastric resections—and even those who have had complete gastrectomies—can still adequately digest and absorb their food.

Almost all of the products of digestion are absorbed through the wall of the small intestine; the only commonly ingested substances that can be absorbed across the stomach wall are alcohol and aspirin. Absorption occurs as a result of the lipid solubility of these molecules. The passage of aspirin through the gastric mucosa has been shown to cause bleeding, which may be significant if aspirin is taken in large doses.

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