Gloria's lack of menstruation was not accompanied by pain, and she did not have a history of spotting or excessive menstrual bleeding. The fact that she had menstruated prior to her amenorrhea ruled out the possibility of primary amenorrhea. Her secondary amenorrhea could have been the result of pregnancy, but this was ruled out by the negative pregnancy test. The amenorrhea could have been caused by her hypothyroidism, but she stated that she took her thyroid pills regularly, and her blood test demonstrated normal thyroxine levels.

Gloria most likely has a secondary amenorrhea that is due to emotional stress, low body weight, and/or her strenuous exercise program. She should take steps to alleviate these conditions if she wants to resume her normal menstrual periods. If she refuses to gain weight and reduce her level of physical activity, her physician might recommend the use of oral contraceptives to help regulate her cycles.

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