Tonsils are aggregates of lymphoid tissue found at the beginning of the pharynx. There are three pairs of tonsils. Together, they form a ring of lymphoid tissue at the beginning of the pharynx. This ring, called Waldeyer's ring, completely surrounds the entrance to the pharynx from both the mouth (digestive entrance) and the nose and nasal chambers (respiratory entrance).

a. In the upper recess of the pharynx is the pair of pharyngeal tonsils (commonly known as the adenoids).

b. On either side, below the soft palate, are the palatine tonsils. These are the tonsils that one sees most frequently in small children.

c. On the back of the root of the tongue are the lingual tonsils. 6-27. "TONSILS" OF THE SMALL INTESTINES

Lymphoid aggregates of varying size are found in the walls of the small intestines. In the ileum portion, in particular, these aggregates are large enough to be easily observed and are called Peyer's patches. These might be considered "tonsils" of the small intestines.

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