Human Spumaviruses 561 Further Reading 561

Chapter 36 Viral Syndromes

Viral Diseases of the Respiratory Tract 564

Viral Gastroenteritis 569

Viral Diseases of the Central Nervous System 571

Viral Skin Rashes 576

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers 579

Viral Genitourinary Infections 580

Viral Diseases of the Eye 581

Viral Arthritis 583

Viral Carditis 583

Viral Hepatitis 584

Viral Pancreatitis and Diabetes 586

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 586

Congenita] and Perinatal Viral Infections 586

Viral Infections in Immunocompromised Patients

Further Reading 589

Index 591

The aim of this text is to present the fundamental principles of med ogy to students of science and medicine. It is also hoped that it will: useful resource for teachers of virology, specialists in infectious dise postgraduate students. The pace of change in the eight years since f ous edition has been so great that the book has necessarily been sub rewritten and expanded. The essential plan of previous editions retained, but our account of the molecular biology of viral infection detailed than in the third edition. Part I of the book presents an ovi the principles of animal virology, while Part U, entitled Viruses of Hu> arranged by virus family, is oriented toward the needs of medical and clinicians. In order to focus on concepts, mechanisms, and ba minutiae have been omitted except where necessary to understand a tant phenomenon. Much of the factual material is consolidated into tr figures. Statements have not been individually supported by refei research papers, but selective lists of recent authoritative books and are provided at the end of each chapter to simplify the reader's entry scientific literature.


The indirect but invaluable input of our coauthors of Veterinary Viroh E. P. J. Gibbs, F. A. Murphy, R. Rott, and M J. Studdert, to this fourtl of Medical Virology is gratefully acknowledged. One of us (D.W.) is par grateful to Drs. F. A. Murphy and B. W. J. Mahy for their hospitality three-month visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia, during the early stages of the preparation of this book, discussions with the following scientists in America or Australia are a edged: Drs. G. L. Ada, M. J. Alter, D. A. Anderson, L. J. Andersoi Baer, M. J. Beach, W. J. Bellini, R. V. Blanden, D. W. Bradley, C. H. ( N. J. Cox, L. Dalgarno, R. Doherty, D. and M. J. Dyal S. P. Fisher-Hoch, H. A. Fields, T. M. Folks, J. R. L. Forsyth, K. Hayt Herrmann, J. C. Hierholzer, I. H. Holmes, A. P. Kendal, O. M. Kc Locarnini, B. W. J. Mahy, H. S. Margolis, I. D Marshall, T. P. I S. S. Monroe, F. A. Murphy, M. A. Pallansch, P. E. Pellett, H. G. Pere Peters, M. A. Purdy, W. C. Reeves, A. Simmons, and E. G. and J. H. We are also indebted to those scientists and publishers, too num< mention here, who responded generously to our requests for illustra terial; appropriate acknowledgments accompany the legends to figu are particularly grateful to Dr. Jean-Yves Sgro, who provided the I color image of a rhinovirus particle that decorates the cover. We are gr, Mr. Kevin Cowan for once again helping with the preparation of lin ings and to the Photographic Section of the John Curtin School of Research for preparing the illustrations for publication. Last but not k White would like to record his appreciation of the forbearance of his r colleagues Drs. E. M. Anders, L. E. Brown, and D. C. Jackson, am graduate students in the laboratory during the three-year gestation p this book and to thank Nadia Puglielli and Belinda Lighlfoot for thei verance and devotion in the preparation of the manuscript. Light and Michael Early of Academic Press have been most coo] throughout the production of this edition.

Principles of

Animal Virology

Chapter 1

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