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Cover photo: Computer graphic representation of the virion of human rhinovirus 14 along the icosahedral 3-fold axis of symmetry, highlighting the topogiaphic details of the surface. Lighter colored structures are situated further away from the virion center, showing that the icosahedral 5-fold axis region is the most prominent feature. The "canyon" is clearly seen as a dark blue depression around the 5-toId axis and is the binding site for the cellular receptor 1CAM-1. A depression is visible at the icosahedral 2-fold axis of symmetry (equidistant between two 5-fold vertices), but has no known role. Antibody binding sites determined by escape mutations are shown in magenta and clearly appear in more exposed (white or light blue) areas on "domes" and "ridges," suggesting that the dark blue areas are not within the reach of antibodies. (Courtesy of Dr. lean-Yves Sgro.)

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