THCell Activation

The central event in the generation of both humoral and cellmediated immune responses is the activation and clonal expansion of TH cells. Activation of TC cells, which is generally similar to TH-cell activation, is described in Chapter 14. TH-cell activation is initiated by interaction of the TCR-CD3 complex with a processed antigenic peptide bound to a class II MHC molecule on the surface of an antigen-presenting cell. This interaction and the resulting activating signals also involve various accessory membrane molecules on the TH cell and the antigen-presenting cell. Interaction of a TH cell with antigen initiates a cascade of biochemical events that induces the resting TH cell to enter the cell cycle, proliferating and differentiating into memory cells or effector cells. Many of the gene products that appear upon interaction with antigen can be grouped into one of three categories depending on how early they can be detected after antigen recognition (Table 10-2):

■ Immediate genes, expressed within half an hour of antigen recognition, encode a number of transcription factors, including c-Fos, c-Myc, c-Jun, NFAT, and NF-kB

■ Early genes, expressed within 1-2 h of antigen recognition, encode IL-2, IL-2R (IL-2 receptor), IL-3, IL-6, IFN-7, and numerous other proteins

■ Late genes, expressed more than 2 days after antigen recognition, encode various adhesion molecules

These profound changes are the result of signal-transduction pathways that are activated by the encounter between the TCR and MHC-peptide complexes. An overview of some of the basic strategies of cellular signaling will be useful background for appreciating the specific signaling pathways used by T cells.

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