TCell Differentiation

CD4+ and CD8+ T cells leave the thymus and enter the circulation as resting cells in the G0 stage of the cell cycle. There are about twice as many CD4+ T cells as CD8+ T cells in the periphery. T cells that have not yet encountered antigen (naive T cells) are characterized by condensed chromatin, very little cytoplasm, and little transcriptional activity. Naive T cells continually recirculate between the blood and lymph systems. During recirculation, naive T cells reside in secondary lymphoid tissues such as lymph nodes. If a naive cell does not encounter antigen in a lymph node, it exits through the efferent lymphatics, ultimately draining into the thoracic duct and rejoining the blood. It is estimated that each naive T cell recirculates from the blood to the lymph nodes and back again every 12-24 hours. Because only about 1 in 105 naive T cells is specific for any given antigen, this large-scale recirculation increases the chances that a naive T cell will encounter appropriate antigen.

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