Some Antibodies Can Cross Epithelial Layers by Transcytosis

The delivery of antibody to the mucosal surfaces of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urogenital tracts, as well as its export to breast milk, requires the movement of immunoglob-ulin across epithelial layers, a process called transcytosis. The capacity to be transported depends on properties of the constant region. In humans and mice, IgA is the major antibody species that undergoes such transcytosis, although IgM can also be transported to mucosal surfaces. Some mammalian species, such as humans and mice, also transfer significant amounts of most subclasses of IgG from mother to fetus. Since maternal and fetal circulatory systems are separate, antibody must be transported across the placental tissue that separates mother and fetus. In humans, this transfer takes place during the third trimester of gestation. The important consequence is that the developing fetus receives a sample of the mother's repertoire of antibody as a protective endowment against pathogens. As with the other effector functions described here, the capacity to undergo transpla-cental transport depends upon properties of the constant region of the antibody molecule.

The transfer of IgG from mother to fetus is a form of passive immunization, which is the acquisition of immunity by receipt of preformed antibodies rather than by active production of antibodies after exposure to antigen. The ability to transfer immunity from one individual to another by the transfer of antibodies is the basis of passive antibody therapy, an important and widely practiced medical procedure (see Clinical Focus).

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