Poly-A Poly-A

site l site 2

site 3 site 4

(b) Polyadenylation of primary transcript at site 2 —> ,m


Ml M2

Im transcript 5'-

|m mRNA

(c) Polyadenylation of primary transcript at site 4 —> 5m

(c) Polyadenylation of primary transcript at site 4 —> 5m



Sl S2 S3 Ml M2


Expression of membrane forms of ^ and 8 heavy chains by alternative RNA processing. (a) Structure of rearranged heavy-chain gene showing C^ and C8 exons and poly-A sites. (b) Structure of transcript and mRNA resulting from poly adenylation at site 2 and splicing. (c) Structure of 8m transcript and 8m mRNA resulting from polyadenylation at site 4 and splicing. Both processing pathways can proceed in any given B cell.


plasma cells and subsequent splicing will yield the secreted form of the ^ or 8 heavy chains, respectively (see Figure 5-16b).

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