Cytokine Activity Is Implicated in Lymphoid and Myeloid Cancers

Abnormalities in the production of cytokines or their receptors have been associated with some types of cancer. For ex ample, abnormally high levels of IL-6 are secreted by cardiac myxoma cells (a benign heart tumor), myeloma and plasma-cytoma cells, and cervical and bladder cancer cells. In myeloma cells, IL-6 appears to operate in an autocrine manner to stimulate cell proliferation. When monoclonal antibodies to IL-6 are added to in vitro cultures of myeloma cells, their growth is inhibited. In addition, transgenic mice that express high levels of IL-6 have been found to exhibit a massive, fatal plasma-cell proliferation, called plasmacytosis. Although these plasma cells are not malignant, the high rate of plasma-cell proliferation possibly contributes to the development of cancer.

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