Humoral Response
Initial Contact Between B and T Cells

■ B-Cell Maturation

■ B-Cell Activation and Proliferation

■ The Humoral Response

■ In Vivo Sites for Induction of Humoral Responses

■ Germinal Centers and Antigen-Induced B-Cell Differentiation

■ Regulation of B-Cell Development

■ Regulation of the Immune Effector Response

Some aspects of B-cell developmental processes have been described in previous chapters. The overall pathway, beginning with the earliest distinctive B-lineage cell, is described in sequence in this chapter. Figure 11-1 presents an overview of the major events in humans and mice. Most of this chapter applies to humans and mice, but important departures from these developmental pathways have been shown to occur in some other vertebrates. Finally, this chapter will consider the regulation of B-cell development at various stages.

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