Antigen Is Recognized Differently by B and T Lymphocytes

Antigens, which are generally very large and complex, are not recognized in their entirety by lymphocytes. Instead, both B and T lymphocytes recognize discrete sites on the antigen called antigenic determinants, or epitopes. Epitopes are the immunologically active regions on a complex antigen, the regions that actually bind to B-cell or T-cell receptors.

Although B cells can recognize an epitope alone, T cells can recognize an epitope only when it is associated with an MHC molecule on the surface of a self-cell (either an antigen-presenting cell or an altered self-cell). Each branch of the immune system is therefore uniquely suited to recognize antigen in a different milieu. The humoral branch (B cells) recognizes an enormous variety of epitopes: those displayed on the surfaces of bacteria or viral particles, as well as those displayed on soluble proteins, glycoproteins, polysaccha-rides, or lipopolysaccharides that have been released from invading pathogens. The cell-mediated branch (T cells) recognizes protein epitopes displayed together with MHC molecules on self-cells, including altered self-cells such as virus-infected self-cells and cancerous cells.

Thus, four related but distinct cell-membrane molecules are responsible for antigen recognition by the immune system:

■ Membrane-bound antibodies on B cells

■ T-cell receptors

■ Class I MHC molecules

■ Class II MHC molecules

Each of these molecules plays a unique role in antigen recognition, ensuring that the immune system can recognize and respond to the different types of antigen that it encounters.

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    When an antigen is recognised by B lymphocytes?
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