What Is The Relationship Between Women And Obesity

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This is a big and growing problem in many parts of the world. Being overweight increases substantially the risk of coronary heart disease and also increases the risk of strokes and cancer.

Children are fatter and less active than their grandparents. Many fat young girls (and boys) become fat adults. Just being overweight is bad enough, but people who are overweight often have high blood pressure and a high level of blood fats and are less likely to do regular exercise. All of these individual risk factors are even more dangerous when they exist together.

The more overweight a woman is, the more likely she is to have a heart attack. The type of obesity may also make a difference. It has been suggested that women who are fat around the tummy ("apple" shape) are more likely to suffer heart attacks then women who have relatively slim tummies but who are fat around the hips ("pear" shape).

Most women are concerned about their appearance and understand that being overweight is unhealthy. After the menopause, women become more vulnerable to coronary heart disease. They may feel less concerned about their weight and appearance. This is the time of their lives, however, when it is most important to be slim, active, fit, and supple.

Physical inactivity is a risk factor and is a fundamental part of a person's lifestyle. People who look after themselves and exercise every day (or nearly every day) are usually slim, eat a healthy diet, have low cholesterol, and are rarely diabetic. On the other

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