What Is The Relationship Between Stress And Illicit Drug

People take drugs for lots of reasons. People who are stressed may want to escape from reality because they cannot cope, and they may indulge in a variety of drugs. All illicit drugs are dangerous to some extent, but some are very dangerous. Cocaine may cause heart attacks and angina because it causes the heart arteries to clamp down very suddenly.

Drugs injected into a vein or artery are very dangerous and may cause a severe, and often fatal, infection of the heart valves called infective endocarditis. The infection occurs because the skin, drugs, syringes, and needles are not clean. The drugs may contain impurities.

Several drugs, particularly those like heroin, cause depression. The more depressed addicts get, the more heroin they need to take. This may lead to an overdose. Heroin causes the brain's breathing center to stop working, which is a common cause of heroin deaths.

Drugs cause mental illnesses other than depression. People who are profoundly depressed and stressed may also develop a mental illness called psychosis.They may be too ill to recognize how ill they are and why they are ill. They may not have the mental and physical strength to cope on their own. It is therefore very important that their friends and family help them seek professional help quickly.

People who engage in the drug culture usually have an unhealthy lifestyle; they do not tend to exercise or have a healthy diet.

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