What Are Ways Of Coping With An Anxious Personality

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People who are worriers and who are generally anxious about nearly everything in their lives, find many situations stressful. They may also have underlying depression or a true psychiatric illness. This maybe related to problems during childhood, which will also need to be dealt with. It is generally very difficult to change a person's personality, but their anxiety can often be managed simply and effectively without medication. Behavioral therapy and counseling may be effective.

This does require a considerable amount of time and expertise. It is also probably under-recognized because people who worry and who are anxious feel that this is a personal problem and not a medical condition that can be helped.

Medication is rarely prescribed unless the condition is very severe and interferes with a person's ability to conduct his daily affairs. The medication may be addictive or have bad side effects.

The type of drug used to treat depression must be selected by a doctor. Some older forms of antidepressant tablets (tricyclic antidepressants), which are now not commonly used, can, in some people with severe heart disease, result in heart rhythm abnormalities. Some treatments make people feel giddy when they stand up because they lower blood pressure. The new forms of antidepressants used are generally very safe, even in people with heart disease.

There are many forms of complementarymedical treatments that some people find very helpful. These include acupuncture, meditation, reflexology, and other types of treatments. There is, however, very little objective scientific evidence that these treatments actually work. If an individual finds a form of complementary medicine that does not involve drug treatment helpful, then this should be encouraged.

Nevertheless, it is now recognized that all forms of complementary medicine should be properly validated and investigated by conventional medical means. It is no longer sufficient for complementary medical practitioners to deny the importance of scientific trials simply because "if it works for my patients, then it must be good."

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