So What Should Girls And Young Women Do To Reduce Their Risk Of Heart Disease

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Young women should do everything they can to reduce their risk of getting coronary heart disease and make sure that they stop or do not start smoking; that their blood pressure is normal; that they do not have diabetes or high cholesterol; that they are slim and fit. They should adopt good habits when they are young. After the menopause, women should be especially careful and have a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention of coronary heart disease should start in childhood, and young women should be aware of the risks they face if prevention is left too late.

All women, particularly those who have had a heart attack and who are atincreasedriskofanotherproblem,shouldbeseetheirdoctorandhave all their risk factors checked. They may need medication and will need to be careful about their diet and their weight, and take advice about regular exercise.

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Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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