How Do Increased Stress And Time Pressures Lead To Less Exercise An Unhealthy Diet And Obesity

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Women have not lost their unique ability to have children, and there is a biological time window for this, usually coinciding with an important phase in their career. Most women still have the additional, busyyet traditional job ofbeing the chief homemaker. Therefore, they have to juggle their commitments and responsibilities, which often leads to stress, fatigue, less time to look after themselves, less time to "de-stress," and less opportunity to exercise.

An unhealthy high fat, high salt, quick, convenience food diet leads to obesity and associated diabetes and high blood pressure. These important risk factors are more potent and dangerous in women and, particularly after the menopause, may lead to coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is increasing in women more than in men. Therefore, it is possible that in the future, coronary heart disease may become more common in women than in men.

• Angina and heart attacks may become more common in women than in men because risk factors are more risky to women, and women become more vulnerable after the menopause.

• Women can reduce their risk of coronary heart disease by doing everything they can, starting from a young age, to reduce their risk factors.

• The only person who can make these changes is the woman herself.

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