Can We Get Rid Of Coronary Heart Disease

No. Once fat has been deposited inside an artery it cannot be removed completely. Modern treatments, such as the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, combined with a low-fat diet and vigorous daily exercise, may help reduce the amount of fat inside the artery. Statins (which can now be bought, like aspirin, "over the counter") reduce the cholesterol level, reduce the inflammation in the arteries, and convert a lump of soft, inflammed fat which is likely to crack (an unstable fatty plaque) into a stable plaque. So even though there maybe fat in an artery, it can be changed into a relatively harmless type of fat. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and can improve symptoms of angina. We now give statins to everyone who has had a heart attack and has coronary or any other form of vascular disease.

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